Aaron Judge ominously coy when pressed about Yankees future

Aaron Judge ominously coy when pressed about Yankees future

Aaron Judge raised more questions than answers when answering an inquiry about his questionable future with the Yankees.

Hours before he took the field at the 2022 All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, the judge was pressed by ESPN's Marley Rivera in an on-field interview over the remainder of his time in New York and was judged in free agency  .

Rivera shared the story of a young fan named Jacob, who asked him: "Are you telling me Aaron Judge can't be a Yankee after this year?"  Then he asked the star outfielder what he would say to the boy.

The judge's staggering dance around the question comes amid the superstar's career-best season—the slugging outfielder currently boasts an MLB-best 33 home runs and a .284/.364/.618 slash line.

The judge spoke with ESPN's Marlee Rivera on the All-Star red carpet before the game.  Rivera asked the judge what he would say to kids in New York who might be upset that the All-Star might leave the Big Apple when the season ended (yes, really, it was so uncomfortable).

I mean... seriously what are the judges going to say there?  This was about as good an answer as he could give at the moment.  Still, that's not nearly enough for the baseball fans who expect the world to be the AL MVP frontrunner and face of the Yankees franchise.

Reporters are getting bold these days, and ESPN's Marlee Rivera doesn't shy away from a popular talking point.  Just a day after Juan Soto won the home run derby, and just moments after Buster Olney was approached to talk about the status of his contract, Rivera one-upped him.