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top 10 Best Wii RPGs Of All Time

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario is an RPG/platforming game and the third installment in the Paper Mario series.

The Last Story 

The Last Story is an action JRPG that was created by famous Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Arc Rise Fantasia

Ark Rise Fantasia is a JRPG to the core with classic gameplay and a somewhat cliché story, but who doesn't enjoy a beloved game from time to time.

Little King’s Story

Little King's Story is an RPG real-time strategy game combined with some life simulation game elements.

Rune Factory Frontier 

One of the draws of the Wii is that, like all Nintendo consoles, it had a lot of exclusives that weren't available anywhere else.

The Last Story 

One of the best obscure JRPGs out there, The Last Story uses a fascinating mix of different gameplay elements to engage the player in a surprisingly deep plot.

Super Paper Mario 

Whereas most Super Mario spinoff titles are lighter than their mainline counterparts.