10 things you probably don't know about Elden Ring

I've played something like 100 Hours of Elden Ring, and yet I feel like you can still fill a book with things I don't know about it.  It's a huge game, loaded with developer FromSoftware's usual occult lore, and subtle touches that would still be easy to miss in a game the size of 10th.

Even if you've completed Elden Ring and are headed straight to New Game+, chances are you don't know all of its secrets.  Here are some things I enjoyed learning about Lands Between.

Radahn's horse goes underground and teleports when he does his meteor attack

Leyndell had vastly different enemies in the 1.0 build before the day 1 patch

You have to use the "you're beautiful" emote to complete one NPC's quest

Fall damage is as messed up as it seems

The bewitching branch item can mind control some surprising enemies

Trading in dragon hearts gives you glowing eyes, similar to the Frenzied Flame

White Mask Varre is level 154, yet only has 1 INT

If you kill Morgott before fighting Margit, Margit's arena will be empty