Tonikaku Kawaii

An unconventional love story where the path of romance takes a new route.

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A Whisker Away

This one-sided romance explores the different layers of psychology. 

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Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

The manga series set to sit at the top of the romance genre is undoubtedly this one.

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Not every unseen show disappoints! Likewise, not every popular anime deserves the limelight it enjoys.

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Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Sadly, the most overlooked shows are the ones that are most relatable to the audience.

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7 Seeds

If you're into anime, don't forget to add "7 Seeds" to your watchlist.

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Fruits Basket

If you're one of those fans who can't stop selling Japanese animation to their friends, go with "Fruits Basket."

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My Next Life As A Villainess

Weren't you all expecting to see this name on the list? To say that we have been impressed by this unique story is an understatement.

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Angel Beats

A strange premise that has Limbo/Purgatory set in a high school environment.

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