8 Things You Should Definitely Do in Super Mario Odyssey

BEST: Holy Awesome Couch Co-op

Nintendo has always been king in creating games that cater to people who just want to sit on a couch and play a game with their best friend.

WORST: I Thought We Were Friends!

Remember how we were saying that playing as Cappy was a great and wonderful thing? It's not for him who is playing Cappy, but for Mario.

BEST: Old Meets New

Super Mario Odyssey is currently being compared to many of its predecessors.

WORST: Broodal Nightmares

Mario makes a new friend in Cappy, but he also makes new enemies in the form of terrifying broodles.

BEST: A Cappy Old Time

The latest mechanic introduced in Super Mario Odyssey is also one of the best. It seems clear now that capturing Mario's enemies would be thrilling, but we have to admit.

WORST: My OCD Is Tingling

\It's an honor to be able to say that you have perfectly completed a game on the first try.

BEST: Hat Wars

"Wait a minute," you might say, considering Super Mario Odyssey's new capturing mechanic, "if Cappy can catch Mario's enemies by landing on their heads.

BEST: Ch-ch-changes!

It's not that it's easy to get tired of playing the game, but the developers of Super Mario Odyssey clearly wanted to make sure a player had plenty of exciting changes so they wouldn't get bored too quickly.

WORST: This Can't Be Real

It doesn't matter if you want to try new things. Trying new things is the way great things are made.


We talked earlier about how Super Mario Odyssey got us thinking about previous Mario games.