10 power-ups in One Piece that need to happen

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Gear Second

Gear Second is the first major power-up acquired by Monkey D. Luffy in the story.

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The Three Haki Types

After the events of the Paramount War, Luffy was coached by the Dark King, Silver Rayleigh.

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Gear Fourth

Over the course of a two-year timeskip, Monkey D. Luffy fights against the mighty beasts that live on Ruscana.

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Gear Fourth: Snakeman

Snakeman is yet another variation of Luffy's Gear Fourth that debuted during a fight against Charlotte Katakuri.

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Ryu Haki has a concept that was introduced in One Piece's Wano Country arc.

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Usopp sees into the future

Usopp briefly wakes up his observation hockey back in Dressrosa.