top 9 Dead Games That Are NOW BACK

Jak And Daxter

Often compared to the previously mentioned Ratchet & Clank series, Jack & Daxter follows the sci-fi action adventures of two partners and their way out of trouble.


Nintendo has a mixed relationship with its particular franchises, something like Mario and Zelda have continued to support since their 35 years of creation.

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell follows the life of secret agent and stealth expert Sam Fisher. Parallels to the Metal Gear franchise have existed for some time, but taking a more grounded and serious approach to storytelling,

Sleeping Dogs

The story behind the creation of the Sleeping Dogs franchise is strange.


Bully, also known as Canis Canum Edit, only had one full game and one remaster, but it is still one of the biggest sequel requests in gaming today.


The prototype was an open-world sandbox featuring a mutated super human who could shape bodies into all kinds of weapons.

Saints Row

At first seen as nothing more than a copy of Grand Theft Auto, the Saints Row series would make its own mark with each new game, becoming more fanciful and wacky with each title.

Jade Empire

Another BioWare RPG that captivated players upon release, Jade Empire was a truly unique entity.

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Super Mario Strikers

There has been no shortage of Mario-related sports games over the years, but Mario Tennis and Mario Golf have got a lot of different games, while Super Mario Strikers only got 2.