7 Pokemon that are difficult to find in Pokemon Snap

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The re-release of the cult classic Pokémon Snap for members of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack late last month has got Pokémon appropriately excited.  The 1999 Nintendo 64 title is a first-person photography game positioned as a spin-off from the mainline series.

The protagonist of Pokemon Snape is Todd Snape, who is summoned by Professor Oak to click pictures of the critters that live there for scientific purposes in Pokemon Island.

Players aim to capture Pokémon in their cameras.  Better looking shots, which will fetch more points at the end of each round, can be achieved by luring the animals with various objects such as treats and pester balls.

With over sixty species in Pokémon Snap, players have their work cut out for them during their photography sessions.  This article lists the seven most difficult Pokémon to come across in the game and how to combat them.

1) Mew

2) Gyarados