top 10 Most *DANGEROUS* Weapons 😱 in GTA Games that Every Gamer Loves!

The Stun Gun Is A Unique Firearm Indeed

The Sawed-Off Shotgun Is A Blast To Use...Literally

The Assault SMG Can Mow Down Waves Of Enemies With Ease

The Carbine Rifle Will Strike Fear In The Hearts Of Any Enemy

The Marksman Rifle Has An Incredibly High Rate Of Fire And Low Recoil

The Compact Grenade Launcher's Quick Reload Makes It Very Valuable

The Heavy Revolver Mk II Is Powerful, Fast And Can Shoot Different Ammunition

The Advanced Rifle Does Some Of The Most Damage Per Shot Of Any Rifle

The Assault Shotgun Is Full-Auto Mayhem Known As The Street Sweeper

The Trustworthy Micro SMG Can Also Be Used While Driving