7 best Minecraft skin packs to download in 2022

Minecraft skins are a big part of the game.  They let you express yourself unlike any other sport on the planet.

Viking Warrior

Holden Andrews created the "Viking Warrior" skin.  And what an impressive job he did.  The skin is highly detailed, with bracelets and a white cap.

Medieval Guy

Don't have a king on your Minecraft server?  If so, why not give this skin a try.  With it installed, you will find the robes of a simple worker during the Middle Ages.

 Red Alchemist

Don't want to be the farmer of your medieval server?  Okay, so why not put Potion Brewing to the test?  If so, why not try Red Alchemist?

Coral Collector's Pack

This was released in the wake of 1.13 Update Aquatic’s release to encourage you to get out there and explore those oceans.

 Zombie Girl

The default minecraft zombie is not particularly interesting to watch.  This is the default 'Steve' skin with a green body and slightly torn clothes.

 Master Chief

It's fun to play Minecraft as one of your favorite characters from other games, a formula that was eventually reversed when Minecraft became popular enough to appear in games like Super Smash Bros.