10+ Build Ideas for your Minecraft Survival World!

The Modern House

Most Minecraft players go for traditional wooden houses and medieval construction.

The Barn

Houses aside, getting a good source of food quickly is vital to survival. Initially, you'll probably want a nice fenced-off area for your cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs.

The Mountain House

One of the biggest parts of 1.18 was the change it brought about in the mountain biome, so it's especially fascinating to live among higher peaks than ever before.

Storage Building

A major problem with many starter home designs is that they are quite small and lack space. As you progress in your survival journey, you'll be collecting tons of resources and loot.

The Simple Survival House

This lovely wooden house is quite simple to make, as it mainly consists of whatever wood and stone you'll need – both come in handy.

Forest Bridge

Another wonderful creation by Zaypixel is this small bridge, which requires stone, wood and a small amount of iron if you prefer lanterns to torches.

Redstone Farm

The best way to get a good and steady supply of food in Minecraft is to set up a farm near your base.

Quick And Easy Desert Home

If you find yourself in a vast desert with relatively few resources, you can really make the most of the sand around you.

Fast Winter Cabin

It's hard to come by something so simple and yet so natural, yet this build by YouTube user FenX Builds is both inexpensive and quick.

Overhaul Your Outdoor Area

Building the right base is a daunting task that often takes days and days of working in the living world.