5 worst Water-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO ranked

Multiple Blue Rings

Water types in Pokemon Go are usually some of the stronger options.  Not that all of them can be Kyogre and Gyarados, though;  There are definitely some runs in the litter.

Most water-types will have at least one good movepool.  This type of reach is actually a quick charge trick for stronger attacks like Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon, as well as shield pressure like Aqua Jet and Water Pulse.

Which Water-type Pokemon see the roughest time in battle?

None of the castform forms are anything to write home about.  It's hard to brag about a Pokemon with only 139 attack and average defense.  Castform only ends up at number five on this list, as it has some really cool qualities.

Rainy Day Castform

Seeking's saving grace there are two ways to deal with the Grass-type: Megahorn and Ice Beam.  Seeking also has 190 stamina, so it can take enough hits to charge one of these moves unless it's going against Trevenant or Venusaur


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Most of these Pokémon have more compensating stats, though (example: Relicanth).  However, this is not the case with the Corsola.  With 118 Attacks and Bubblebeam serving as STAB moves, Corsola fails to deal reasonable damage.

In both the main series and the mobile game, Velord has a reputation for being an HP tank.  It's definitely a good earner too, with its 347 stamina.  However, the issue with Waylord is that he only has 97 defenses.


What really brings Waylord down in terms of viability is its moves.  It's really a struggle to charge Hyper Beam and Blizzard in most matches.  Surf isn't a bad STAB move, but it won't do more damage than Wailord's 175 attack.

It can be really cute, but the compliments usually end there for LoveDisk.  An attack stat of 81 is really laughable for using a Pokemon seriously.  Luvdisk's defense also doesn't compensate for the total lack of damage output.