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5 strongest Steel-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, ranked


Steel-type Pokémon have enjoyed a popularity renaissance in Pokémon Go.  This is due to their sheer durability and their ability to deal a lot of damage, no matter what battlefield they find themselves in.

Since steel types are so coveted in Pokémon Go, it's natural for trainers to gravitate toward them.  In addition, players want the strongest steel-type they can find for their fighting teams.

Even though the game's meta is always evolving after makeover and makeover by Niantic, several steel-types have remained at the top of their category for some time.

5) Heatran

4) Metagross

3) Melmetal

2) Mega Steelix

1) Dialga

Green Star

Dialga might not deal as much damage per second as some Pokemon, but its overall damage output is huge and worthy of a trainer's time and consideration.  Thanks to its dual nature as a dragon and a steel-type attacker, raising Dialga is certainly worth the time and candy required to do so.

Green Star

Dialga may one day be surpassed as the top steel-type in the meta, especially with future Mega Evolution releases for Lucario, Sizor, and more.  However, trainers shouldn't shy away from this powerful Legendary Pokémon.