5 most realistic resource packs for Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft  has very different visuals, but some players want a more realistic look and feel to their gameplay experience.  That's why the community has created various resource and texture packs to improve the visibility of the game.

Even after the 1.19 update has passed, there are still many realistic packs to choose from.  These can be downloaded through third-party sites, and some can also be obtained through the Marketplace in Bedrock Edition

Regardless of where players get them, there are a few packs worth noting as perfect examples of advanced visuals within the game's engine.


The entire theme of Mythic is dark.  It takes the original texture and changes the vibe and aesthetic to make it a little stressful.  It also changes some markers like health and appetite, but those are minor differences that don't affect much.


ModernHD is a great texture pack on all platforms and despite being optimized for Pocket Edition, it also has a lot of Java users.  It has been announced as one of the most realistic texture packs that Minecraft has to offer.

House Warden Sculk

Warden and Deep Dark Biome were the two biggest additions to the 1.19 update.  Their distinctive texture marks them both.  They're both dark and creepy, but they also sound good to many players.  The blue and black color scheme looks good.


Sapixcraft is a texture pack that almost makes Minecraft look like a brand new game.  It is much brighter than the vanilla version.  It has a much more lively feel, and each block looks new and fresh.

Epic Adventures x32

A resource pack compatible with both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game, Epic Adventures can be downloaded remotely or from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Legendary RT Textures

Ray tracing is one of the grandest innovations in gaming.  This allows independent shafts of light to be carried (and sometimes scattered) to in-game assets.

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