5 most rare capes in Minecraft 1.19 update

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Capes are a cosmetic item in Minecraft, meaning they serve no purpose in the game.  They don't allow players to fly like Elytra or provide back protection like chestplates or leggings.  However, they add up as an avatar.

However, capes are more difficult to come by than skins.  There are many custom skins out there as well as licensed or official skin packs.  Caps are also more common in the Bedrock version than in the Java version.

Recently, Microsoft provided a special cap to players who successfully transferred their Mojang account before the March 10 deadline.  Other capes have been more difficult to obtain.

Minecraft capes that will probably never be seen

Minecon 2011 cape

This cape design is very unique.  It's the face of a creeper, which is almost synonymous with Mojang at the moment.  However, it is red unlike a creeper.  This makes it fun and unique, but unfortunately, it is an incredibly rare cape.

4) Mojang Classic cape

There are two factors that make this a rare cape.  For starters, this isn't the current design for Mojang's cape, as it was replaced in 2015, meaning nobody got it after that.

Millionth Customer cape

Only one person has been awarded the Millionth Customer Cape.  'Akronman1' became the tenth person to purchase the game, for which he was awarded this ridiculously rare cape.

MrMessiah's cape

Better Lite mod is one of the original mods and one of the best.  It affected the main game, which most do not.  As a result, the creator now has his own rare cape.

Bacon cape

The design for the cape has since been uploaded to custom cape sites, but the original cape is as rare as it is, especially in this game.