5 most interesting NPCs in GTA San Andreas

It's safe to say that GTA San Andreas has one of the best characters out of all the other games in the GTA series, but one of the most underrated elements of GTA San Andreas are the NPCs.

In GTA San Andreas, NPCs, also known as pedestrians in the game, have managed to make a mark of their own, which is hard enough to ignore.  This can be attributed to his unique dialogues or personalities.

Tramps can be found in many different forms in San Andreas;  One can be found in Los Santos, while most can be found in San Fierro.  Some tramps in San Andreas have strange markings on their chests.


Cops are undoubtedly the most despised NPCs in GTA San Andreas as they constantly follow the player and create more problems than necessary.

Police officers

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, cr*ck dealers are criminal pedestrians that players first encounter when CJ and Ryder attack a cr*ck den in their quest for Cleaning the Hood.

Cr*ck dealers

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, public relations institutions can be found almost anywhere.  There is also a cheat code that turns all viewers into p*mps and pr* Institutes.


Members of the Grove Street Families (GSF) gang come in three different types.  Regardless of the type, the CJ may enlist these GSF members to assist on certain missions.

GSF gang members

They support the player at every turn, but they also contribute to some of the game's most enduringly unforgettable situations.

However, some took the side of Big Smoke and betrayed CJ, demonstrating that not every member of the group was behind the main character.