5 most horror-inducing seeds in Minecraft 1.19 update

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Some Minecraft seeds are better than others, which is natural because the world generation is completely random.  If players are lucky and that seed is good, that's a bonus, but most seeds aren't that great.

However, some seeds are scary and can happen for a variety of reasons.  There are also scary generated structures in the game, which can make the seed frightening.

The 1.19 update is pretty fresh, but there are some scary seeds to it.  The Deep Dark Biome was recently added and is arguably the most frightening thing in the game.

These Minecraft 1.19 seeds can result in sleepless nights

Ancient cities in 1.19 are a rare structure, but they are also very scary because the deep darkness is dark and ominous.  Minecraft users who find Deep Dark are lucky, but most don't have an ancient city.

Seed: -457009213479927390

This seed is great overall and has some quality world generations and interesting structures.  What is really frightening is that it has an abandoned village.

Seed: 57000088

Deep Dark is the most frightening overworld biome.  It's dark (literally because of the dark effect) and dangerous because the warden can lay eggs at any time.

 Seed: 11034759160

This seed has several abandoned villages to spawn, so craftsmen can't escape the eerie setting offered by this Minecraft world seed.

Seed: 769587531

The first seed of this video is quite scary.  Fighting Pillars is difficult and dangerous, so the Pillar Outpost makes for one of the more frightening and horror-inducing structures in Minecraft.

 Seed: 7826199