5 most helpful Minecraft mods in 2022

Minecraft mods are community-made and contain custom code that adds new functionality to the game.

For example, before multiplayer was officially introduced, players were able to add to it by modifying the game's existing code.

While many mods and mod packs completely change the feel of Minecraft, others add quality of life or other convenience features to the game.

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Xaero's world map

In Minecraft, players create worlds spanning millions of blocks.  Exploring such a large area is an impossible feat.  Anyway, players still cover many parts of their world while playing.

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Advancement Plus

Many players like to complete each advancement in their world.  Even though there is a lot of progress, 98 to be precise, players are always on the lookout for new advancements.

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MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

There aren't many options available in Minecraft when it comes to furniture.  Players are forced to build furniture with commonly available items and blocks.

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Journey Map is a great mod for players who are wary of getting lost in the jungle.  Once installed, this mod tracks your movements in real time, mapping out all the intricacies of your world.

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Everyone has seen Minecraft's standard voxel-shaped animals.  Sheep, cows and pigs roam while chickens flap their useless feathers and are eaten by foxes.

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RLCraf has been around for a while, helping players get an even more hardcore version of Minecraft.  If you want a really hardcore experience, RLcraft won't let you rest.  You will die, a lot.