5 jobs in GTA Online to make money quickly and easily

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GTA Online has been around for a decade, and most players already know the best money making techniques.  That said, the new expanded and enhanced version brings with it a wave of new players who are still learning the ropes.

The chaotic world of GTA Online sees every gamer trying to make as much money as possible through their criminal empire.  Business is a great way to make money, but players should not sit idle while creating stuff in the background.

GTA Online jobs that are simple yet pay a lot of money

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Pier Pressure ($11,000)

Many contact missions are assigned by popular NPCs in GTA Online, and Gerald is one of them.  In the mission Pier Pressure, he requires some crystal meth and serves the players to obtain it for him.

Blow Up 2 ($13,440)

Simeon Yatterian is another NPC who provides multiple liaison missions.  Some of them are REPO functions, while others are designed to stand out from the competition.  The Blow Up 2 mission belongs to the latter type.

Extradition ($13,650)

Martin Madrazzo is a name that players will continue to hear a lot during their time in GTA 5.  He also offers a contact mission called Extradition that can be performed by up to six players at a time.  The main objective of the mission is to kill Titan before taking off from Fort Xankudo.

Rooftop Rumble ($14,630)

In another act, Martin tasks players with obtaining a document that contains an exchange in a parking lot on Adam's Apple Boulevard.  The parties involved in the meeting are the FIB and the professionals.

Trash Talk ($14,860)

Martin appears once again, and this time, he needs players to take out the rival faction's waste management organization.  The typical trash business is being used as a front to move drugs, and Madrazo wants to "clean up El Burro Heights for real".

Green Star

To successfully carry out this mission, players must kill all the members present at the HQ, destroy all 9 trucks, and also kill the gang leader who tries to escape on foot.