5 fun GTA 5 mods to make the game worth revisiting in 2022

Multiple Blue Rings

GTA Online has kept the game alive by staying culturally relevant due to its constant updates.  The same cannot be said for the story-mode, however.

The Grand Theft Auto modding community is one of the most active around.  From real-life cars to trainers, new mods are rolled out almost every single day.

Awesome GTA 5 mods that make it a brand new game

Multiple Blue Rings

Zombie survival games have made a mark on gamers and there are some great titles out there like Dying Light and Days Gone among others.  However, none of them are installed in a modern urban environment.

Simple Zombies

Speaking of enacting criminals in GTA 5, the story lets players be a part of massive heists and screw-ups.  Also, as far as criminal activities are concerned, gamers can steal cars and kill NPCs.

Home Invasion

GTA is all about criminal life, with gang wars, bank robberies and high speed chases.  Although it is an engrossing adventure, players often wonder what it would be like to be on the other side.

LSPD First Response

The mod also works on a number of intricate details such as freeway signs, trash cans, USPS boxes, and more.  It also carries the flag of California in specific places such as the Santa Monica Pier.

 Real California Architecture

Visual V Mode applies a photo-realistic reshade to Los Santos and Blaine County, really bringing it to life.  The mod also works on other aspects like weather, interiors, movement of the moon and many more.

Visual V