5 fun facts about Minecraft 1.19 update

It's been almost a month since the Minecraft 1.19 update.  Players have gradually settled into it and explored most of the new features it has to offer.

Minecraft fans across the world jumped with joy when the 1.19 update aka The Wild update was released a few days back.

Among the most notable additions were the Deep Dark Biome, ancient city structure, terrifying warden, alley, frogs and tadpoles.

The Warden can sense your fear

Many players may know that the warden's chest cavity, where his heart is believed to be, actually contains a ton of "spirits".

Ancient city structure names

One thing that some Minecraft players may not know is that structures or areas within ancient city structures have their own eponymous names.

Frogs drop Froglight

Players may be confused about the new Froglight block and how to obtain it.  The only way to get these blocks is to feed the frog a small magma cube.

Sculk only drops one XP point

When players enter the new Deep Dark Biome, they will be able to explore new Skulk blocks.

Green frogs do not spawn naturally

There are three types of frogs: white, orange and green.  White frogs are born in new mangrove swamps, while orange frogs are born in normal swamp biomes.