5 farms for beginners in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 update

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Recently, Minecraft got a new major update titled The Wild Update.  The update introduced several new blocks and items, and Mojang also added four new mobs and two biomes to the overworld in the 1.19 update.

Whenever a major update drops, many older players return to enjoy the new features in the blocky sandbox game.  The Wild Update adds many highly anticipated features, such as frogs, mangrove trees, skull blocks, deep dark caves, alleys, wardens, and more.

Many players have created new worlds to discover the exciting features of the version 1.19 update.  When starting out in a new world, players can build some form for an easy start.  In this article, players can find some exciting and useful farms to build in their new world.

Best beginner-friendly farms in Minecraft

Villager-based crop farm

Villagers are easily the best mob in Minecraft. Players can get many items by trading with villagers, giving a villager a profession. Of all the professions, a farmer is the only occupation with a unique characteristic.

4) Bee-based crop farm

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find a villager near their spawn point.  Instead of using a farmer, players can create a manual crop farm that uses the bee's natural ability to boost the growth rate of the crop.


3) Bamboo and sugarcane farm

There are many similarities between bamboo and sugarcane.  As these plants grow evenly, players can cultivate bamboo and sugarcane in the same field.  Bamboo and sugarcane are both useful resources in Minecraft.  Bamboo can be used as fuel, while sugarcane is used to make paper and sugar.



2) Iron farm

Having some extra iron in Minecraft never hurts.  This is one of the most useful resources in the game.  If players find some villagers, they can use them to build an iron farm.



1) Mob tower farm

In the early game, players can benefit greatly from spells.  However, these attractions come at the cost of experience points.  In order to enchant items or obtain enchanted books using the enchantment table, players will need XP levels in Minecraft.