5 best ways to increase FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

Gamers always want to achieve the highest possible FPS, even in Minecraft 1.19.  Since the popular sandbox title received the new update, users have been hunting for third party mods to ease the gameplay and increase FPS.

However, there are only a handful of compatible mods for the latest update.  Players can still tweak several video settings in the vanilla version of the game to boost FPS.

FPS refers to the number of frames displayed on the screen per second;  The more frames, the better.  Smooth gameplay can greatly improve the experience and even enhance the skill set of the player.

In Minecraft 1.19, players will travel far and wide to discover new features.  This can greatly hamper their FPS as they will be loading hundreds of new parts.  Fortunately, there are ways to stabilize the smoothness of the game.

Decrease Biome Blend

In the video settings, one way to improve FPS is to lower the Biome Blend slider.  The game has a lot of biomes that are adjacent to each other.

Decrease simulation distance

Simulation distance determines how many parts are active in terms of crowd movement, water or lava flows, and general random tick activity.

Decrease general graphics settings

This is the easiest way to increase the FPS in the game.  Newcomers unfamiliar with complex video settings may reduce the normal 'Graphics' settings to 'Fast'.

Decrease render distance

When gamers are in the world, they'll be able to see biomes pop up to the horizon.  As they progress, the map continues to load.

Using graphical mods like Sodium

If players make changes to all of these video settings and are still unsatisfied, they can look to specialized third-party graphical modifications like Sodium, Optifine, BetterFPS, etc.