5 best village seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft is a game with many features, ranging from mechanically deep to surface level, thematic and fun, but not useful for a good survival world.

Players can trade with villagers for useful items, kill the village's iron golems for quick access to iron, or loot the grass and fields they generate with them to obtain abundant food.

1. Find Allay At Spawn

Seed Code: -7697517329571641383 Spawn Biome: Plains Allay Cage Coordinates: 69, 66, 82

2. Mineshaft in Ancient City

Seed Code: 4189766944005904899 Spawn Biome: Plains Main Coordinates: 189, -27, 179

Three Ancient Cities Next to Stronghold

Seed Code: 7901583960864769992 Spawn Biome: Jungle First Ancient City Coordinates: 1224, -44, 488 Second Ancient City Coordinates: 1384, -44, 184

Merged Swamps

Seed Code: 6705098208300174216 Spawn Biome: Jungle Main Coordinates: -123, 64, 261

Pokemon Playhouse

It is specially designed for kids in which the player takes care of the Pokemon.

Deep Dark Biome with 15 Ancient Cities

Seed Code: 2296616468809785931 Spawn Biome: Birch Forest Closest Ancient City Coordinates: 1640, -40, 88

The Forgotten Mangrove Village

Seed Code: -2778224909341529171 Spawn Biome: Savanna Village Coordinates: 705, 62, 225

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