5 best resource packs for Minecraft 1.19 update

Every year, Minecraft developer Mojang brings new features to the game, including new biomes, mobs, gameplay changes, and more.

 Fancy GUI Overhaul

Title 3

As the name suggests, Fancy GUI Texture Pack just affects your graphical interface.

 Winthor Medieval

Title 3

Most roleplay-based servers for Minecraft are set in a medieval world ruled by emperors or evil wizards.


Title 3

Faithless is very different from most of the texture packs on our list in terms of purpose.  All the changes this texture pack has brought to the game have been made to make it more combat friendly.

Classic 3D Texture Pack

Unlike Misa's realistic texture pack, this texture pack focuses on enhancing the vanilla look of the game.

Faithful 64x Texture Pack

There is another famous texture pack among the players in the Faithful community.  It comes in different versions, each offering a different resolution.

Dandelion X Texture Pack

Compared to texture packs like Misa's realistic texture pack or Faithful, Dandelion is a relatively simple texture pack that proves that the game can look and feel incredible even without realistic textures.

Default Dark Mode

Many players must be fans of Dark Mode on their digital devices.  The general UI inside the game is white and has different shades of gray.