5 best Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire in May 2022

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The Magic Cube is one of the most prized items in Garena Free Fire, and many players have their sights set on acquiring the same.

Its appeal stems mainly from the fact that it can supply users with an exclusive costume bundle.

Essentially, individuals can directly obtain this particular Magic Cube token as a whole or can exchange 100x Cube Fragments to receive it

Consequently, many gamers have started wondering which bundle they should avail of using the free Magic Cube that Garena will provide to them. The following is a list of the five best ones.

Top 5 Magic Cube bundles available in Free Fire (May 2022)

The Age of Gold counterpart, The Era of Gold was introduced in 2020 and is one of the best female bundles ever offered by Garena in the Magic Cube.

5) The Era of Gold

Judgement Ironface is an excellent option on which players can spend their Magic Cube on. Like most other available choices, it was also introduced via a Diamond Royale back in February 2021.

4) Judgement Ironface

Moonlight Ballad occupies the following position on this list and is among the most visually pleasing costumes

 3) Moonlight Ballad

Full Leather is yet another fantastic choice accessible to players in Free Fire, and the developers originally enforced it into the game quite a few years ago. 

2) Full Leather

Kinship Clan, also known as Dead of Winter or Female Ice Age Set, is one of the oldest bundles available in the Magic Cube store.

 1) Kinship Clan

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