5 best faction servers for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 update

Faction servers usually have crowds of players, so using one of the best Minecraft skins is a great way to stand out.

Our list isn't even ranked, so use the table below to locate each faction server at your convenience.

MassiveCraft Factions

MassiveCraft Factions


STCraft is a Bedrock Edition server with usually around 50 people online, and a private feud with a few hundred players.


CosmicHub is a Bedrock Edition server that hosts about a hundred players online during peak hours.  There is also a Discord server with a few hundred users.

Advancius Network

The Advances Network is a baseline area with typically around 100 users online, with a maximum of 300 potential players, and an active private feud with over 700 users at any given time.