5 best Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, ranked

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Green Star

Electric-type Pokémon in the main franchise are known for their speed, and in Pokémon Go, they still have a lot to offer in many different situations.  Even though speed stats aren't exactly present in the mobile title, these high-voltage Pokemon can do battle with their best counterparts.

Green Star

Pokémon Go's meta is always changing, but the top electric-types have remained the same for quite some time.  However, it can always shift from Niantic to a future update as Pokemon and their moves are changed.

Green Star

Introducing new battle formats such as limited-time PvP leagues could also affect these numbers.  Below, trainers can find the top combat options for electric-types as of July 2022

Shadow Zapdos

Therian Thundurus


Mega Manectric

Mega Ampharos

If a Pokémon Go player is dealing with a Raid Boss that is a Water or Flying-type Pokémon, especially at high Raid ranks, Mega Ampharos can inflict a lot of damage in a short amount of time, while inflicting more damage on itself.  Can cause damage compared to Mega Mantric.