5 best build ideas for Minecraft villages (2022)

Villages are one of the best structures in Minecraft.  In villages, players can find lots of useful resources such as food, bedding, animals and more.

Players can find villages in deserts, plains, savannas, taiga and snowy biomes, and decorate them with their constructions to further enhance their beauty in Minecraft.

 Simple Treehouse

If you are struggling with how to build a treehouse in Minecraft, just go to Basic to get started.

 Leaf House

Can't see your house clinging to the side of a tree?  Think outside the box and instead base your home within the leaves of a tree.

 A Literal Tree House

If you want to take things to the next level of the weird and unique, skip the task of searching for the perfect tree to call home and make your own instead.

Tree Root House

Want to get a little unconventional?  Head underground with some stripped logs, and build up some tree roots.

 Underground Base

Moving on in the same line of functionality, we have underground bases.  Yes, you will need some tools to make them.