top 10  Best Minecraft Maps of All Time


Is there any problem in the world that can't be solved with parkour? The makers of BiomeBox don't think so.


Dreams and nightmares have for centuries been a fascination for psychologists and those whose job is to think heavily.

Herobrine’s Mansion

Herobrine's Mansion is the work of Hypixel, one of the community's most respected creators. Filled with tons of things to discover, this map includes custom enemies.

Adventure Time

What's the time…? If you don't know the answer to that question, it's a good bet that most of the content on this map will be lost on you.

The Tourist

Camper not only features some of the most impressive builds in the game's various worlds, but it also features minigames and its own soundtrack.

Kingdom of the Sky

Kingdom of the Sky adds to the new concept of narration, provided by a series of YouTube videos given to the player on key points.

Deep Space Turtle Chase

It took its creators three months to create this sci-fi Minecraft map and saw the blocky, rustic world of Minecraft turning into something remarkably different.

Wrath of the Fallen

Another work from the excellent Hypixel, this hack-and-slash adventure map is full of beautiful structures, custom weapons, potions, items, boss fights, challenges, secret classes, and easter eggs.

The Escapists 2

Not to be confused with the game of the same name, this highly impressive map based on The Escapists 2 takes inspiration from the best prison simulation games around (if that even has a genre).

Last Jump Hero

Don't concern yourself with context, cohesive visual design or gameplay variation when loading Last Jump Hero.