10 Best High Spec PC Games with INSANE GRAPHICS

Don't know which game to start with?  No old favourites?  We have the ticket when it comes to handing your computer a hefty pile of weights

And saying, "Pick it up."  These punishing PC games will bring even mighty rigs to their knees—but eye candy is totally delicious.


There are many reasons to play Control ($60 at the Epic Games Store).  Drawing inspiration from New Weird literature like The Southern Reach Trilogy from David Lynch's SCP Foundation, Control Remedy is the best game, or at least the best feel of it, since Max Payne 2.

Elden Ring

The Elden Ring is what anyone can really talk about these days and for good reason.  FromSoftware's Latest Punishment-Simulator Has the All-Familiar Touchstone of Like a Souls

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntBecoming VIP in GTA Online

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is aging like fine wine.  Even years after it hit the streets, it's still one of the most impressive open world games to have ever existed - combining the unattainable scale of Skyrim with the incredible depth of Grand Theft Auto V.


Ultra-violence and relentless pace meet in this post-apocalyptic dystopian game.  This FPP isn't for the faint of heart—it's stressful, exhilarating, and you'll probably die over and over again trying to beat it.

Dying Light 2

Open-world zombie games may sound a bit cliche these days but the Dying Light series has managed to keep things fresh with its parkour-style gameplay and day-night cycle.


Supergiant Games made a name for itself due to the warm reception that Pyre, Transistor and Bastion received.  Now, fans of the studio have a new entry to add to the studio's great games: Hades.

 God of War

God of War as a series has been around since 2005.  And, although it has had several entries over the years, one from 2018 has revitalized the series, be it because of a new setting.


If you've ever wondered what Groundhog Day would look like on in-game form, wonder no more.  Deathloop, from the makers of the Dishonored series, gives the first-person shooter a fun twist with some extra strategy.