Top 10 best Fortnite Creative codes

Loki TVA: Prop Hunt Code: 7578-6801-8619

If you want to plug directly into the zeitgeist, there are few better options than Loki TVA: Prop Hunt Map.

Alverton Hills: Asylum Code: 9200-8656-2233

Fortnite Creative has several excellent horror-themed maps, but Alverton Hills: Asylum is widely considered the best.

Finest's Realistic 2v2 Code: 6570-5231-1418

Finest's realistic 2v2 smashing engagement numbers appeared in the "Practice" category for several weeks in a row in the last update in May 2021.

Pro 100 Code: 3424-1388-0947

Another major game, according to Epic's player statistics, the Pro 100 leads the "combat" category, and it's a big deal that it actually featured in the recent series of official Fortnite Cosmic Summer Challenges.

Prison Breakout Code: 6531-4403-0726

Prison Breakout tops the "Variety" category, ending our trilogy of most played maps according to Epic.

Lost in the Unknown Code: 5312-0287-8262

Lost in the Unknown is a survival horror map for one to two players. Reminds me of the forest.

Prop Hunt Code: 6069-9263-9110

Fortnite Creative loves to play hide-and-seek, so we had to add another such entry to this list (you know, in case you haven't seen Loki yet).

Cydurrpunk 2077 Code: 7122-2113-9524

For sheer creative ambition, there are few maps that compete with Cydurrpunk 2077.

Jesgran's Deathrun 2.0 Code: 1103-0256-3362

In Fortnite Creative, Deathran does what they say on the tin: drop your character into a deadly map that tries to kill them in a variety of interesting ways to get out.

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