20+ Best Free RPG Mobile Games For Android & iOS 2022

Are you looking for great free rpg mobile games with hours of grinding for loot to play on the go?  Then take a look at our top picks for Android and iOS.

1# Genshin ImpactCybor

The Genshin Impact was a pleasant surprise that came out in 2020.  It was released on all platforms including mobile, PC and console.

#2 Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert is one of the most popular MMORPGs available on all platforms including PC and console.  The mobile version looks and feels like a console game.

#3 Diablo Immortal

While the game has a lot of feedback on micro-transactions, Diablo Immortal is actually a great ARPG to play on your phone.

#4 V4

V4 is an MMORPG with a huge open world and fun gameplay.  It is very similar to Black Desert as it also comes from a Korean-based developer.

#5 Dawn of Isles

I had the most fun playing RPGs on mobile with Dawn of Isles.  This game is developed by a Japanese company and has very beautiful graphics and the gameplay is optimized very well for mobile as well.  This is another MMORPG.

#6 Evil Lands

Evil Lands is another console-quality RPG.  This game really reminded me of Skyrim.  The game is really well developed and worth trying.  It also has multiplayer and PvP game modes.

 #7 Shadowblood

Shadowblood is an Action-RPG with a fast-paced combat system.  It reminded me of Devil May Cry.

#8 A3: Still Alive

A3 Still Alive takes place in a dark fantasy world with an emphasis on PvP battles.  It has battle royale mode, 100 vs 100 massive battle mode and more.

#9 Arcane Quest Legends

Mysterious Quest is one of the best looking RPG on mobile.  The game has everything you could want in a mobile ARPG and also has great graphics.

#10 Anima ARPG

Anima is an action RPG that will definitely remind you of Diablo 2.  The game is not well polished and is only available on Android.  However, the game does offer some fun gameplay for fans of ARPGs.