15 Fun Ideas for What to Build in Minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft, at some point you've probably asked yourself "What on earth do I build?"  Perhaps you've booted up Minecraft and created a new world after being away from the game for a while.

You might be feeling bored right now, and it happens!  In the end, the equivalent of writer's block slaps you in the face, and you need some creative ideas for your next Minecraft build.

Top Minecraft Building Ideas

Multiple Blue Rings

Tried and true, a house is a necessity for almost every Minecraft player.  We've all started with a hole in the dirt, or a little wooden box, for the first two nights.

1. House

A palace can be a grand spectacle if done properly and it can be relatively easy to put together if you plan the design ahead of time.  Begin by laying out the floorplan, as well as the perimeter wall that will surround your castle.

 2. Castle

As a good accompaniment to a castle, or as a standalone construction depending on the scale, building a seaworthy vessel can be a challenging but fulfilling experience.

3. Boat

The ultimate test of perseverance and determination, but also the challenge that delivers the biggest dopamine hits as the project comes together;  City building.

4. City

Another build you can do naturally if you're playing in survival;  There are many ways to build an animal farm.  The most common method is to lure and neuter a pair of the same animal to a location near their home.

 5. Animal Farm

Treehouses are a great way to enhance your Minecraft lifestyle.  While you can include any tree in any biome in your home, clearly the best option here is the jungle biome, simply because of the height (and therefore the real estate) you can produce without much constraint or limitation. 

6. Treehouse

A trivial matter, isn't it?  Just put a few blocks on top of a little water.  Why not make it more exciting though?  If there's a particular theme in the building around you, why not style the bridge to fit with the aesthetic you're going for?

7. Bridge