15 Best Android RPG Games in 2022

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Different Android games are released daily in the Google PlayStore, and as Android gaming becomes more popular with the rise of dedicated Android gaming phones, the quality of the games is increasing.

Games like Fortnite and PUBG are very popular, but then there are games that not many players have tried and I decided to list the best games I have seen.

 1. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises follows the God of War style in this game with gore, slashing and actions.  The game involves beheading enemies as you hack and slash your way to victory.

 2. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is good action and one of the best role-playing game ever released on Android.  The graphics, fighting sequences, and moves are similar to Tekken (the good old days) as it offers an almost identical feel.

 SoulCraft 2

Soulcraft 2 is the sequel to Soulcraft so you should be prepared for better graphics and action moves.  The game allows you to choose between seven characters and play as you defend Earth from iron legends and the Knights of Hell.

 4. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Guns get tired sometimes, you know.  Roll back in time with this epic game as you step into battle as warriors did when kings ruled.  Use various combo moves to defeat enemies and cast magical spells to defeat your enemies.

Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans isn't on the list like the regular slash and kill RPG games.  You fight against 120 Titans and recruit pets to defeat them.

 The Walking Dead: Road To Survival

The Walking Dead is not just a slash and kill game, but a game that requires you to think hard as every decision shapes your story.  Not only do you kill here, but you also have to protect the other survivors.

 Age of Magic

 With a fresh story campaign, with over 50 characters (Kobolds, Elves, Demons, Angry Raccoon Mages, Dragonkins, Ra'Archanes, Swamp Witches) to choose from, I doubt you'll get bored.