12 best games like VALORANT

Team-based shooter Valorant features characters that help them perform better in games and gain an advantage.  Due to its tight maps, it not only makes players strategize and be smart about where they go, but it also makes them to shoot well.

 Halo Infinite

In Halo Infinite, players have more freedom to take shots with the rechargeable shield.  Few games have retained the spirit of teamwork for so many years as Halo.


Splitgate filled the void that Halo had left for so long.  Like Valorant, it places players into one of two teams that need to compete against each other.  The maps are tight, leading to multiple shootouts.

 Escape From Tarkov

In both Valorant and Escape From Tarkov, life isn't something you can ruin.  Unlike other shooters where players know they can be revived or reborn, this isn't a game where it's smart to take risks out in the open.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

The mainline of Call of Duty games features team-based deathmatch modes.  Although Call of Duty: Warzone has garnered the most attention for Call of Duty

 Rocket Arena

Instead of health, players receive a Blast Meter, which increases when hit.  The meter indicates how much they will be blown up, like the death in Super Smash Bros. when a player is off the map.


Paladins is very similar to VALORANT in terms of overall concept.  Paladins is a five versus five, team-based shooter where players select a character and customize them based on their experience.

 Rogue Company

The characters in Rogue Company are a lot more athletic than Valorant.  Rogue Company characters can climb and roll in a more attractive way because the game is third person.

 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There's a huge player base, and the competition is so intense that you'll notice that a lot of Counter-Strike veterans are highly-regarded streamers, such as Shroud or s1mple.

 Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is an old game that combines team-based gameplay with a pleasing aesthetic.  Each class in Team Fortress 2 has unique abilities and benefits.