10 Tips to Create The Best Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

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Having trouble getting started with Super Mario Maker 2? Whether you played the first game on Wii U or you just picked up this game for your Switch.

Grab A Stylus

The Nintendo Switch's touch screen makes playing games like Super Mario Maker 2 a lot easier.

Pick Your Game Style First

One super cool aspect of Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact that the game allows players to create levels in the style of any Mario game they want.

Don't Neglect Story Mode

Even though a lot of Super Mario Maker 2's focus is on the levels and game levels created by other people.

Turn On Night Mode

Who doesn't love turning on Night Mode? It's not just our favorite social media apps anymore.

Play Some Levels

While asking to play certain levels may seem like an unusual tip to give to someone who wants to build up their skills as a level creator in Super Mario Maker 2, it's actually quite surprising. is helpful!

Use Clear Conditions... Or Don't

Clear condition is something that can be set in the level builder and there are things that players have to do before the level is completed.

Only Make What You Can Beat

If you've played the first Super Mario Maker game, you'll already be familiar with this tip.

Don't Make It Impossible

While having a level is very easy, certainly not fun and part of the fun of Super Mario Maker 2 is the fact that the levels are a bit challenging.

Know The Enemies

There are different types of enemies that Super Mario Maker 2 players can use to make their levels a little more difficult.

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