Apex Legends is now free to play*, and to win at Apex Games you have to be quick, use your wits and keep your friends close.  But victory is also due to preparation.

A few helpful tips in your pocket can be the difference between a defeat and a sweet, sweet victory.

Check out these important tips and tricks to help you start your career at Apex Games and dominate the field.

Get a handle on the new controls

Getting started in Apex Legends Mobile, you'll find a nice little tutorial to help you set up your controls for the game.  You can essentially choose between the Classic or Apex control schemes.

 Pick the right Legend

Apex Legends Mobile launched with 10 legends to choose from, and they all have their own special abilities, almost like a light hero shooter.

Play the Arena modes

Apex Legends Mobile is much more than a battle royale game.  Sure, that's what the first game was built on, but Arena modes, like a more classic team deathmatch mode, offer a more traditional way of playing.

Complete the Rookie tutorial

Most people skip the tutorial of the game.  If you are new, we recommend following the tutorial as it will give you the basic concepts of the game.

Learn your Legends

Apex Legends comes with several legends to choose from.  Obviously, you have to unlock them by playing the game.

Like every battle royale game, you'll jump into the battlefield with almost nothing.  You need to find the loot that is completely based on luck and location.  But it's important to find the right weapons, accessories and perks based on your playing style.  Test weapons at the practice range to find the right weapon for you.

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