top 10 Tips and Tricks that Save Time in Survival Minecraft

Placing Torches On Crafting Tables

\It's more for looks than for any practical reason. But you can actually place a torch on top of a crafting table or furnace.

Lava Buckets Are Great Fuel

If you find lava anywhere, be sure to mark it. As soon as you get some buckets, go and collect as much lava as you can.

The Best Diamond Level

Prior to Minecraft 1.17, diamonds were most likely to spawn from Y-levels 5 to 12.

Zombie-Proof Your Door

\Zombies can break into your door and invade your precious home. Thankfully, there are some ways to keep zombies from ruining your day and destroying your property.

Mushroom Biomes Are Safe

The Mushroom Biome is the only biome where hostile hordes don't come up at night.

Pumpkin Head

Wearing a pumpkin is just about making you look awesome. Still, it has other benefits that can help you fight a mighty enemy.

Become A Cat Person

Cats are a great addition to Minecraft and make for good pets. However, it is much more than just having a cat as a pet.

Another Way To Fight A Blaze

Blaze is a mighty mob in the Netherlands. They can be a difficult enemy to defeat with traditional methods.

The Infinite Water Source

It is the ideal construction to be near the farm. You won't need to carry a lot of water buckets or build near a water source to make this work.

Charcoal Can Replace Coal

When you start your new adventure, you might not get some coal right away. Thankfully, there is an option, as coal is an important resource.