top 10 Best Superhero Mods For GTA V

 The Flash

First on our list we have a mod that lets you play as Barry Allen. Flash himself.

Captain America

If you've ever wanted to hit the streets of Los Santos as Captain America, this method is for you. Throw your shield like a boomerang and watch it fly back.


Wade Wilson, the Merc with the Mouth, was made to be played in GTA V. The skin is fully realized and comes with a whole host of weapons (and a motorbike) unique to Deadpool.


Tear, break, eat, and smash into poison. Oh, and you've got increased health, speed, and jump distance.


Your endgame GTA V experience will definitely improve by roaming the streets as Thanos.

The Hulk

Everyone's favorite Angry Fella is back, and greener than ever. Playing as the Hulk, you can destroy the city by throwing cars, swinging on lampposts, and smashing everything in your path.


Channel your inner fish-whisperer with this Aquaman mod based on the DCEU movie.


You start this mod as the mild-mannered Clark Kent. But pop into a telephone booth and within seconds you're hitting the streets as Superman.

Green Goblin

Based on the Green Goblin featured in the first Raimi movie, this mod aims to create the feel of flying over the city on a glider - and it's pretty amazing.


Especially considering this mod has a variety of customizable ground and air vehicles to tumble through the city (in both third and first person).

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