Multiple Blue Rings

top 10 Short Anime Series of all time


Coming with a lightweight aesthetic similar to plastic memories.

Tsuki ga Kirei 

What are your thoughts about me? Our eighth entry is a simple presentation.

Grand Blue 

Grant Blue is a show that all of us young people can connect with. Like the Aori, we find ourselves at a crossroads in life.

Tower of God

The past year has brought us many Korean webtoon adaptations.


Right off the bat, Katanagatari has something to offer. It's the art style that brings with it a design choice that you don't see in anime every day.

Hellsing Ultimate

Next, we have another vampire anime Hellsing Ultimate. In the past, it was one of the most popular action anime of them all.

Super Crooks

Super Crux is a show that oozes its western energy, which translates very well to the anime format.


At first glance, BNA looks like a superhero show brimming with fury in an urban fantasy setting.