top 10 Secret Things You Missed In Minecraft !

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In Minecraft, there aren't many indestructible blocks, and Bedrock is the most commonly known unbreakable block.

Bedrock has blast resistance of 3,600,000

The dragon egg is considered one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft, as there can only be one naturally occurring dragon egg in every world.

Dragon egg can be duplicated

Creeper was an end product due to a glitch that became one of the most iconic game characters.

Creeper sees the world in a tinted green effect

Like the vines, the Endermen also have a strange and terrifying outlook. These tall creatures of the end dimension see things of opposite colors.

Enderman has an inverted colors effect

When it comes to real-life creatures, Mojang does its best to ensure that the information available in the game is fair and accurate.

Cookie kills parrots

In Minecraft, some things only happen during Halloween. On October 31st, there's always "OOoooooooooooo! Spooky!" on the home screen. it happens. splash text.

Halloween easter eggs

Players can create unused mobs using commands. One of the disused mobs, the killer bunny, is a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

 The killer bunny

Many players don't see the game title shown every time in the home menu. It is 0.01% for the main menu screen to display a title titled "Minecraft" instead of "Minecraft".


Evils were a great addition to Minecraft, as they allowed players to add magic and even name their armor and weapons.

Boats Can Be Named

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