10 of the Hardest Video Games Ever

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Flappy Bird

Do you remember this simple one button mobile game brawl? A lone bird, which you control with a single button to fly high.


Potentially one of the most commercially successful, yet deviously difficult, video games ever made.

Ninja Gaiden

This spot could really be awarded to any number of Ninja Gaiden games as Ryu Hayabusa has been known to get himself into serious trouble on more than one occasion.

Super Meat Boy

At its core, Super Meat Boy was the most basic, free-flowing platform game imaginable.

I Wanna Be The Guy

One of the true originators of the 'unfair' style of games. Essentially the ultimate test of patience and an absolute trollfest that forced players to engage in trial and error theories, endless.


When Cuphead was first revealed, it looked like a sweet-broken tribute to the cartoon's early incarnations.

 Devil May Cry 3

Hack 'n' Slash games have been around since the beginning of time with the likes of Onimusha Games.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

After all these modern games, it's time to shrink the memory... It's too late, you're dead. Ghost 'n Goblins can realistically be completed in under an hour, perhaps much less.


Take your pick from any beginner Contra game, honestly, you'll regret it... and love it.


The Metroidvania title has always challenged players in battle of the war as they explore hostile lands in search of the next save point before their meager supplies run out.