top 10 Most Brutal Survival Games

top 10 Most Brutal Survival Games

Green Hell

This open-world survival game can seem manageable enough... until it's set to Hard Mode.

The Long Dark

On the surface, this is one of the most atmospheric and visually stunning survival games out there.

The Forest

If surviving a jet crash doesn't seem impossible, then surviving in a jungle full of hungry cannibals afterwards certainly seems even more unbearable.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Like any other survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved includes crafting, building, hunting, and exploration.


Rust is probably the best choice for aggressive and competitive players who are ready to invest every second of their free time to sharpen their survival skills.


Surviving in the post-apocalyptic Days universe means being brutal.

Project Zomboid

Although the game is still in development, Project Zomboid already has its own loyal fan base of hardcore players who understand its concept as well as its purpose.


The hardest part of this sandbox game for your impatient novice is realizing how hard it takes to improve their weak characters.


Echo is an intriguing title - part survival game, part sustainability simulation - with a diverse and interactive ecosystem that must keep you alive.

Among Trees

In Early Access, Among the Trees is a survival game that focuses on the more casual and more gentle elements of survival games.