10 Marvel Comics That Would Make Perfect MCU Movies

With over 28 films and seven Disney+ series, Marvel has taken viewers on emotional journeys and wonderful new worlds.

Despite so much success and vast storytelling, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has only scratched the surface of more than 80 years of comic history—even though they've already told some of the publisher's most famous stories.

The X-Men Were Rebooted In House of X/Powers of X

Captain Marvel And Iron Man Clashed In Civil War II

Young Avengers Debuted A New Generation Of Heroes

Teenage Superheroes Were Outlawed In Champions

Dark Reign Issued In An Age Of Villainy

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Are Marvel's Most Underrated Duo

Infinity Countdown Could Be The Next Move For The Guardians Of The Galaxy

It's Time For Another Ghost Rider Movie