10 immersive adventure games to play till the end

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Lined Circle

 Fallout 4

Now may not seem like the ideal time to revisit the post-apocalyptic landscape that has reduced former major cities to ghost towns.

A Way Out

If single-player adventures aren't for you, don't worry - One Way (Opens in new tab)

 Batman: Arkham City

Widely considered one of the best examples of superhero games around,

Ratchet & Clank

One of the finest pairings to grace the gaming world, there are few couples you'll have a better time with than this particular Lombax and his robot friend.

Far Cry 4

The Far Cry series has always excelled at creating eccentric, deeply unhinged villains and this fourth offering is no exception. 

The Wolf Among Us

This 2014 cult hit from Telltale took on classic fairy tale characters.

Gone Home

If you fancy your adventures with just a touch of tragedy and a thoughtful look at issues related to gender and sexuality, then Gone Home is the indie title you should be exploring.

Bioshock Infinite

If you weren't satisfied with knocking multiple rounds off a rabid dictator in Far Cry 5, try Bioshock Infinite (opens in new tab) for size.

 Until Dawn

Often billed as one of the most inventive survival horror games out there, this 2015 hit from Supermassive Games tells the story of a night spent in the snowy Blackwood Mountains.