Multiple Blue Rings

the 10 greatest games to show off your gaming PC


You've explored a cyberpunk world or two in your time gaming, but have you ever done so in heck form? That's part of what makes Stray such an entertaining little game.

Elden Ring

The challenging quest and battle of Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne finally moves to the open world in the latest From Software game.

Guilty Gear Strive

The latest installment in the busy 2D fighting series is also one of its most accessible.


After disguising as an exclusive Early Access title on the Epic Games Store since late 2018.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

No other best PC game on this list offers you a whole world to play.

XCOM: Chimera Squad

You may be familiar with the rebooted XCOM series, which pits you and your squad of high-tech soldiers against an invading alien force.

God of War

What started life as a PS4 exclusive, like the above Horizon Zero Dawn now on PC. And what a showcase it is.

Disco Elysium

You are a spy in Revachol city, and are suffering from many issues as the city itself.


Within The Oldest House, the headquarters of the Bureau of Government Control, something ancient and foreign has emerged.