top 10 best Games To Play If You Like Omori


Of course, there is a huge difference between the styles of play here; Omori is a top-down horror RPG, while Psychonauts is a quirky 3D platformer.


Omori is a strange game; Have you perform a variety of activities like sneaking into an underwater casino, killing a pop star and even completing your homework.

Re: kindergarten

Something about the RPG Maker engine lends itself to a strange and unsettling RPG. 

A drink

One of Omori's big hooks is his conceit of a dual world; You'll play part of the game in the real world and part of the game in the head of protagonist Sunny,


Omori's creator, Omokate, started out as a visual artist on Tumblr; If you were on a social media platform in the mid-2010s, he certainly saw his art streaming.

Lisa: the painful one

Developer Austin Jorgensen created the word-of-mouth hit Lisa: The First in RPG Maker, in which you follow a young girl named Lisa as she escapes from her father.

yume nikki

Omori is not only similar to Yama Nikki; It's actually directly inspired by this PC classic, with one of the game's most indelible scenes directly referencing Yuma Nikki's motives and ideas.


Of course, Omori's obvious predecessor, and indeed the godfather of every game on this list, is Earthbound.


Of course, Omori's obvious predecessor — and indeed, the godfather of every game on this list — is Earthbound.