top 10 BIGGEST Video Game Weapons of All Time

Gunblade - Final Fantasy 8

The Final Fantasy series has introduced a plethora of unique (and sometimes wacky) types of weapons.

Operator - Valorant

Compared to the other games featured in this post, Valorant is the freshest on the scene.

Golden Gun - GoldenEye 007

If you have a Nintendo 64 and were a fan of first-person shooters, chances are you also own a GoldenEye 007.

Portal Gun - Portal

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or simply known as the Portal Gun, is Chell's main weapon in Portal.

Lancer - Gears Of War

When Gears of War launched in 2006, it breathed fresh air into the third-person shooter genre – an action game filled with elements of horror as humanity desperately flies from extinction at the hands of the grasshopper.

Poke Ball - Pokemon

Not all weapons cause pain, death, and destruction, which brings us to the all-powerful Poke Ball.

Blades Of Chaos - God Of War

Anything related to Greek mythology is certainly going to attract a large number of players, but the idea of killing Greek gods blew people away.

Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts

That's when the idea to mix Disney's colorful, delightful, heartfelt characters with the rugged.

BFG 9000 - Doom

While the BFG 9000 stands for "Bio Force Gun", Doom enthusiasts know what the weapon is actually called.

Energy Sword - Halo 2

Halo 2 was the epilogue to change attitudes between the Master Chief and controlling the Arbiter (a special title for a covenant elite during dangerous times).

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