10 Best Pokémon moves, ranked

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In Pokemon battles, your Pokemon uses its moves to fulfill the main objective of reducing the HP of your opponent Pokemon.  Your Pokémon must know at least two moves that deal damage.

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There are a variety of moves in the Pokémon franchise that can be used by 18 different Pokémon types.  Most of these moves deal damage, and some can create effects or special statuses on your opponent.

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You can also use certain moves, such as Harden or Safeguard, to give your Pokémon a significant advantage.  They can learn by leveling them up, using HM/TM, or going to relocated tutors.

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The moves you can use in Pokemon games vary in what they do.  The key to success is putting together the right moves, which can make you a Pokemon master.

10) Frenzy Plant

Grass-type moves often confer benefits, such as health regeneration, boosting stats, and more.  But some grass-type moves can inflict massive damage, like a frenzy plant.

9) Boomburst

Normal-types in Pokemon may sound normal after hearing, which may not mean dominance or power.  However, some of the best moves from the Pokémon series

8) Hyper Beam

Although Mr. Mime may annoy some people with his endless gaze and unusual antics, Mime Jr. doesn't have any of these problems.  It's small, pink, and bubbly, and it's hard not to love its little clown nose.

7) Spore

Certainly, the high damage-dealing attacks are the standouts when it comes to naming some of the most powerful Pokémon moves.

6) Explosion

By numbers alone, a Pokémon's moves cause the most damage in explosions.  It can deal 250 damage, which is more than Z-Moves, Max Moves